Obama as lame duck president speaks truth about race in America

My latest blog post on Obama and race


obama fam

Watching and listening President Obama now vs. when he first announced his run for the presidency, several things are apparent. He has a lot more gray hair, he has many enemies in Congress and he no longer dances around “the race talk.”

Seven years into his presidency, with little to lose, some of his idealism has faded. He wouldn’t be human if it didn’t. He seems weary from the constant battles in Congress, some of whom show him nothing but utter disdain.

Despite all that, he is taking a lead role on the issue of race, as he did with health care reform and other issues. The problem is, you can’t legislate decency.

As he did in Ferguson with the death of Michael Brown and in Sanford Florida when Trayvon Martin was killed, Obama has taken these acts personally. When Martin died, he said if he’d had a son, he…

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