In the midst of a storm God is in control

This has been a difficult week on several fronts. A few friends are dealing with serious illnesses and surgeries and others are dealing with substance abuse issues.  Atlanta teachers who cheated on standardized tests were sentenced to up to 7 years in jail. What disturbs me about that news is the fact that so many people seem to take joy in other people’s misery.

The swirl of activity this week has created an anxiety in me that I must manage carefully.  For two days, I tried to attend revival at my church, but the traffic had other plans. On Wednesday, my prayer partner and I finally made it for the last night.

I have always loved revivals. They remind me of a time when life was simple and church activities were front and center. There is nothing like a revival to strengthen your spirit and let you know that you can keep on running. Earlier that day we learned that our pastor had undergone surgery. There was an air of uncertainty in our midst.

When Pastor Joseph Hall took the mic, he reminded us that God is in control. Yes God is in control. Pastor Hall, who hails from Louisiana, went on to say that we are in a unique season of manifestation. God is preparing us to do great things in his name, he said. In this season, we must be bold in our prayers and our praise. God will bring forth a fresh anointing. We will make it through.

Exodus 3:7-8 says God sees our afflictions and he has come to deliver us from them. Pastor Hall said we need a pre-praise, a right now praise and a post praise. In other words, praise God before, during and after the storm. But when storms sweep through our lives, it’s often hard to see the forest for the trees.  That’s where a laser faith and focus is needed.

By the time we left the church, I felt equipped to finish the week on a better note.  I refuse to succumb to the fear and negativity that is lurking around every corner. I need that laser focus.


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