Black man down

Here is my latest blog post about Walter Scott, who was killed by a cop in North Charleston, S.C, in case you missed it! Angela Tuck


walter scott

This time there is no doubt. No witnesses telling conflicting stories. No smear campaign against the victim (at least not yet). Just a videotape taken by a man who has no skin in the game. What the video shows is heartbreaking. We are essentially watching the last seconds of a man’s life. A man who mattered to his family and friends.

Officer Michael Slager told Walter Scott he pulled him over for a broken tail light.  It was 9:30 on the morning of April 4 in North Charleston, S.C.  A police dash cam video released Thursday shows Slager walk up to Scott’s vehicle and politely ask him for his license and registration. Scott gives some round about answers but the encounter remains civil. Slager walks back to his police cruiser to run a routine check.

After a few seconds, Scott gets out of his car and Slager tells him to…

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