Rejoicing in the promise of a new year

There is something about the promise of a new year and all its possibilities that gives me joy. I am thinking about two friends in particular who have had a rough go of it for the last few years.

My prayer is that both these friends will have a 2014 that brings they less pain and more joy; less uncertainty and more stability; more freedom to move about and do the things their health issues have caused them to postpone.

One will walk his daughter down the aisle and into the arms of her groom in early 2014. The other wishes for a swim in a refreshing pool and a chance to return to his studies.

Both friends have taught me about undying faith in God’s promise. They’ve taught me how important it is to brave, even in the face of repeated adversity. I am reminded of a sign I ran across while taking part in the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington last August. “Love is too big to fail,” the sign read. My thoughts immediately went to God’s love for us.

As we enter a new year, please know that God’s love for you is too big to fail. The tests you are faced with are preparing you to have a great testimony. Know that in Christ, all things are possible. Stay encouraged, my friends. Much love and happiness!



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