Grown men bullying other grown men is tomfoolery

Boys will be boys?


Schoolchildren learn that bullying is not okay at an early age. It causes emotional harm to the person being bullied and usually ends up getting the bully into hot water with authority figures.

Maybe these grown NFL players in testosterone overdrive need to go back to grade school. The kerfuffle between Miami Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin, a rookie offensive lineman for the Dolphins allegedly caused Martin to leave the team and seek help for emotional distress and harassment. Martin claims Incognito and other Dolphins players harassed he and other rookies and that Incognito frequently called him the N-word.  Incognito tells a different story. He claims he and Martin are friends who often engage in harmless banter. The racial slurs, he said, went both ways.

The former athletes and coaches turned TV commentators expressed starkly different opinions on the matter Sunday. Some dismissed it as standard practice in…

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