Share your favorite childhood memories of Halloween

Be safe tonight everyone and “Remember the Time”


Wow have things changed since we celebrated Halloween as children. One of my favorite memories of Halloween as a child is hanging out with my girls, Vicki, Pat, Darlene, Sue, Jennifer and my sister Cindy as we circled our block in search of candy. Back in the day, just about everyone handed out candy and we knew everybody in the neighborhood. There was no worry of foreign objects being inserted into candy; no alerts about registered sex offenders living nearby — just good clean fun.

In Oakwood neighborhood in Lexington, Ky., nearly all the parents had the same goal: raise healthy, happy and productive children. Work hard and keep life simple.  At Halloween in Kentucky, there was a definite chill in the air by the last day of October. We often donned coats over the costumes our parents bought us at Roses or K Mart.  And remember those painfully stifling…

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