An ode to flip flops and wearing white after Labor Day

got on some today!



My daughters say my short toes don’t look so good in them, but I love me some flip flops. In Atlanta, we wear these whimsical, slippery shoes well into the fall. For me, they are the closest thing to going barefoot.

Our office is pretty casual, so I wear them to work, prompting comments like, “I didn’t know you were that short.” Generally, I have good intentions. I will wear them in then change into heels once I’m at my desk. Lately though, I’ve forgotten the heels in the car, opting for comfort but not sacrificing style. I have them in every color in the rainbow. I even picked up two pairs of Coach flip flops in Virginia, where the weather was turning cool. What can I say? They were on sale ya’ll.

Not everyone is a fan of this casual footwear. I called my friend John-John Williams IV, fashion…

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