Our favorite fixer is back tonight!



In Olivia Pope’s world, there is no government shut down and her personal life has been exposed in a big, big way.

Since my friend Jaime is just catching up on Season One of “Scandal” via NetFlix this blog won’t contain many spoilers. Instead, I’m jumping into the fray with two issues that have been making the rounds on Facebook and on blogs since the show debuted.

As one male friend put it: Why is the show so popular among women? And more bluntly: Why are we so crazy about Olivia? After all, she is having an affair with a married man, a behavior most of us deplore.

Here’s my theory. We don’t see women, especially black women, often enough in lead roles like Kerry Washington’s. She’s beautiful, she’s a boss and her personal life mirrors some of ours: her taste in men is terrible. She has a major weak…

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