Video confession: “I killed a man”

People use social media to make all sorts of statements; many mundane and some shocking. So I shouldn’t have been taken aback to see a man, his face and voice electronically distorted, confess to hitting and killing a man while driving drunk.

Matthew Cordle’s professionally produced video hit me in a way I didn’t expect. Drinking excessively and getting behind a wheel of a car destroys families. It should never be done. There have been times when I wanted to call the police to report a bartender who continued to serve someone who was clearly drunk.

Ultimately, the responsibility of driving while drunk is that of the person who commits this crime. In a YouTube video, Cordle, 22, confesses to killing 61-year-old Vincent Canzani.

We eventually see Cordle’s face clearly and hear his real voice. We see scars on his arms. He says he will take full responsibility for everything he’s done.

The Ohio man says he consulted a lawyer after the crash who told him he could get his blood alcohol test thrown out if he was willing to lie about what happened. No, Cordle reportedly said, “This video will act as my confession.”

I still have a lot of questions about what Cordle did and why he decided to confess in this manner on Sept. 3, 2013 for a crash that happened on June 22, 2013. Did he leave the scene of the accident? Could his victim have been saved?

And what about the family of Vincent Canzani? He was a Navy submarine veteran with two daughters, according to the The Columbus Dispatch newspaper.

Cordle made another interesting move: he reached out to the founders of a web site called The web site is a social movement where people post promises and talk about how they kept them. The young man who founded the site did so as a tribute to his father, who was always kept his word. It too, is a powerful statement.

Many people will say Cordle exhibited courage by posting this video. Others will say he is an irresponsible coward for drinking and driving and waiting more than two months to confess.

For now, I will reserve judgment on that question. Regardless of what you think of Cordle, the video is a powerful message against drinking and driving.

See for yourself.


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