Video confession: “I killed a man”


People use social media to make all sorts of statements; many mundane and some shocking. So I shouldn’t have been taken aback to see a man, his face and voice electronically distorted, confess to hitting and killing a man while driving drunk.

Matthew Cordle’s professionally produced video hit me in a way I didn’t expect. Drinking excessively and getting behind a wheel of a car destroys families. It should never be done. There have been times when I wanted to call the police to report a bartender who continued to serve someone who was clearly drunk.

Ultimately, the responsibility of driving while drunk is that of the person who commits this crime. In a YouTube video, Cordle, 22, confesses to killing 61-year-old Vincent Canzani.

We eventually see Cordle’s face clearly and hear his real voice. We see scars on his arms. He says he will take full responsibility for everything…

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