Non-violence worked in the 1960s and it can work today


Jonathan Lewis has trained some of South America’s most notorious criminals to embrace non- violence. He’s done similar work in South Africa, Nigeria, Chicago and Wisconsin, where he is training college students and faculty on handling conflicts peacefully.

It’s easy to see how college students might embrace nonviolence. They are young and generally open to change. But what about people for whom violence is a way of life? How do you get them to see the merits of changing their behavior?

Lewis, a.k.a. “Globe”, says it’s a matter of appealing to their intelligence and getting them to open their mind to a new way of responding to conflict. He is a Level 4 trainer in “Kingian” nonviolence. Named for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., it has used successfully to change people’s behavior throughout history.

If you saw “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” starring Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey, you’ll remember the…

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