It’s 6 p.m. and we’re still in church?

Juanita, this one’s for you and Natalie!


It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m in the mood for a little comic relief. The video clips below bring back memories. I love black churches. I have attended them all my life. My daughters, however, aren’t feeling the two- and three-hour services that are traditional in some black churches.

As their mom, I don’t care where they go to church, as long as they are living their faith in their daily lives. My parents made sure we were in Sunday School and church every Sunday.

My mother told my sister and I that if we partied on Saturday night we were going to church on Sunday morning while living in her house. Looking back on it, I’m glad my parents took us to church. They didn’t send us, we went as a family. Sure there were times I didn’t want to go, but I cherish those memories of church and the…

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