Stop the madness Weiner — It’s time to exit stage left!


I love New York. It’s a cool place to visit, a great place to soak in some culture and a wonderful place to get your shop on.

I’m a news junkie, so I follow politics in several major cities, including Detroit, Newark and New York. So here’s my verdict on New York Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, the candidate best known for being caught “sexting” not once but twice. It’s time to get out of the race.

Weiner, who continues to embarrass himself and his wife, recently earned the dastardly designation of New York’s most unpopular politician. His unfavorable rating, according to a recent poll, is a whopping 80 percent.

Yet Weiner keeps on running, saying he won’t quit because, that’s not how New Yorkers roll. Really now. When you got caught the first time, you claimed to have worked to heal your marriage. You said you received counseling for your…

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