Are you in the midst of a Job season?

The story of Job is one of the most powerful in the Bible.

Because Job was a just and righteous man who feared God and shunned evil, Satan issued God a challenge: remove your hedge of protection and Job will curse you.

What Satan didn’t know is that God wanted Job to be tested.

God has a master plan for our lives. Sometimes he allows dramatic things to happen to get our attention.

Job lost everything — his land, his livestock and worst of all his seven sons and three daughters. Yet he still praised God.

Then Satan asked God if he could take things a step further. He attacked Job’s body with a devastating illness. Seeing the sores sprouting on her husband’s body, Job’s wife told him to curse God and die. But Job refused.

When three so-called friends came to Job and questioned his faith, Job challenged them and refused to relent. He prayed for them instead of condemning them.

That’s when God stepped in, blessing Job with restored health and more children and property than he could imagine.

My Job season came in my early 20s. I was not living right, and God gave me a big wake up call. I became involved with a man God didn’t intend for me. I was disrespectful to myself and my parents.

When I got pregnant, this man and I married. Not long after, he showed his true colors. Women called our home to speak to him; and he spent most of his time away from me and the child growing inside me. My marriage in shambles, I was humiliated and devastated.

Then God stepped in. He blessed me with a healthy baby and a supportive family and friends. He allowed me to slowly regain my sanity and self-esteem. Later, he blessed with a promotion on my job and brought a new man into my life who accepted my daughter as his own. A few years later, we were blessed with another daughter.

Since I am hardly a Bible scholar, I asked my pastor about the lessons we can learn from Job. What he said was simple and profound.

Job prepares us for living a successful life; one where we are decreased and God is increased, Pastor Benjamin Lockhart Jr. said.

“God allowed Job to be tested and he came through with flying colors. Job was tried to the very depths of his being. The greater the test; the greater the reward.”

Don’t lose faith in your Job season. God is preparing you for greatness.

“Though he slay me, yet will I trust in Him.” — Job 13:15



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