A vacation from my vacation


One day I will learn to really relax on vacation.

Several friends have already mastered this art.

Todd posted pictures of a phenomenal and secluded beach where he and his honey relaxed for a few days.

Curtis not only swept his woman away to a beautiful spot, he proposed! Congrats Curtis!!

Me? I cleaned, cooked and managed to squeeze in dinner with friends, a baseball game, and of course, a little retail therapy in one of my favorite D.C. spots. Since my vacation encompassed the Fourth of July holiday, there were plenty of festivities. But no sight was sweeter than the gigantic American flag hoisted high in the sky by fire truck ladders outside Nationals Field in our nation’s Capitol.

At the top of my vacation to-do list: some quality mother and daughter time. Imani is on her grind hard this summer — taking classes and working. It was fun seeing her in her element, doing her thing her way. Nothing is more gratifying than seeing your children come into adulthood on their own terms. I even got to meet her advisor, who told me she’s going to make a great pharmacist — music to a mother’s ears! Some things never change though. My girl is still getting up a half hour or so before she has to be in class!

Since she attends college several hundred miles away, she doesn’t get home much. So when she’s swamped with the demands of her life, I break away and see her. On this trip, I got to meet a few more of her friends and cook some meals for them. My friend Jan says cooking is a sign of love and I would agree. Nothing beats nurturing those we love.

And we got some things done, like getting her room painted in a soothing mint green and cleaning those dusty baseboards that only mothers concern themselves with. All this activity prompted my daughter to give me a new nickname I rather like: “Hurricane Angie.”

But this hurricane has been downgraded to a tropical storm. Two weeks after my vacation, and I’m ready for another getaway. I’m dreaming of a sunny beach, a cool breeze, and a couple of books I’ve been meaning to read for the last two years. One day soon…



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