When God does a new thing

When God births something new in you, Satan is not happy. He tries everything in his power to destroy the new idea or to get inside your head and cloud it with doubt.

In the last few days three longtime friends have shared  their plans to do a new thing.  One is contemplating a new job in Canada.   His children are adults and he was thinking he’d retire in a couple of years and enjoy life with his lovely wife.  Previously self-employed, he’s likely to rejoin corporate America and take on all the stress that comes with a high-powered gig.

Another friend closed his longtime jewelry business and is working on a plan that will allow him to uplift Christ through a product line that will help others share their faith.

A third friend is seeking a new job that will take her on a totally different path than the one she has been on for many years.

In the last two years,  I’ve worked on  some projects outside my day job. I want to stay challenged creatively and I’m planning for the next chapter in my life. For me, retirement will mean stepping away from the only place I’ve worked since I was 19 years old.    I love my job and I’m thankful for it,  but seeds have been planted and  God is showing me how to make them grow.

The birth of a new idea can be exciting yet overwhelming. We doubt our ability to excel at this new thing or worry about whether our finances can sustain it.   That’s Satan’s way of trying to dig up our seeds.

I listened to Bishop Dale Bronner on YouTube the other day as he preached a powerful word, called “The value of seed”.

See it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-urXpytc8pg

Plant and cultivate your seed. Watch it blossom beyond your wildest dreams.  Trust God for the harvest!


4 thoughts on “When God does a new thing

  1. Your lede is so true. I had that happening with me last night. Had to pick up that shield of faith and sword that is the Word to fight it but the cool thing is that God has the victory already. I just need to walk in it. You are going to rock retirement, Angela!

    • Aww, Patty thank you. Still got a couple of more years to go. Gotta get my youngest out of college first. She’s in Pharmacy School. That sword and shield is what we need. Isn’t it funny though that in our weak moments we tend to let our guard down. That’s why we have to stay in prayer and encourage each other. I just saw your blog. I love it!! Keep doing your thing!

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