This one’s for you Patty!

A few weeks ago, a Facebook friend told me she enjoyed reading my posts and liked the fact that I was not shy about expressing my faith. She called it living out loud. That gave me life! As I often say, words matter. So take the time to tell people when something they do inspires you. Thanks Patty, for doing that for me. I’m sharing your note below!

Hi Angela,
I was at a networking event last night and had the opportunity to share a little bit of how I’ve grown in my ability and desire to share my faith openly. I told the young woman I was speaking to that some of that change was a result of your influence via Facebook. I figured if you could be open about your faith in front of your colleagues who were friends with you on FB, then so could I. As a result my faith has grown. My life and faith are much more authentic.
I wasn’t sure if I ever told you what an impact your posts, either praising God or thanking Him for what He was doing in your life, made on me. I wanted you to know you encouraged me and encouraged me to grow which, as a believer, is what we’re all called to do.
Hope you have a wonderful day & keep living out loud!

For months now, I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog. But doubt often creeps in when new ideas are being birthed.  Would anyone read what I have to say? And what in the world will I say?

Then it came to me. Speak what’s on your heart. Write about what you know: your faith, family and culture. Welcome people to challenge your ideas.

So here it is ya’ll. Let’s go.